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22 November 2009 @ 04:57 pm
Merlin 2x09  
So Merlin this week...


I knew it'd be insta-romance but even then I'd hoped the girl in question would have, oh I don't know - personality. She just sat there quivering and scared and woe-is-me. Why would someone fall in love with that? (before you answer this question, I'm going to answer it later. Wait.) As someone said in a different review, girls are failing in this series. They're either troubled, weak, or evil. None of them are actually steadfast and strong with a good head on their shoulders. They're not noble - they always need to be saved! And though I know that the damsel in distress thing fits the era, they're messing with the legend why not give a girl some sass - whilst keeping her likeable which requires good casting, not just writing - and complex like the males.

That being said the episode still managed to make me emotional, helped by my feeling desperately sorry for Melin (kudos to Colin Morgan. Boi can ACT.) The most touching moments for me were when Freya was a cat. Then I could relate to her, it had more personality than she did. I'm blaming casting more than writing - if they wanted her to be haunted then she'd have to look more haunted than they got.

I understand Merlin was fond of the idea of sharing his secrets with someone like him, that there's this sort of.. understanding between magical people and those he knows of - Morgana for example, are risky to confide in as they're higher up and close to Uther. BUT - he should not have fallen in love with her. I don't think it was right to portray it as love, but maybe friendship? Friendship could have worked. I'm all for giving Merlin some action but meeting, falling for, saving, then laying to rest a love all in one episode sort of cheapens it. If you want to give Merlin some hardcore storylines about love, SPACE IT OUT. Spread it across the series so it packs a more emotional punch!

That being said when Merlin faltered setting the boat alight I did choke up. Kudos Mr Morgan.

And if we don't get Arthur/Merlin POWERS OH NOES soon I'm gonna be annoyed. This is what the series is about. Not silly contained in one epsiode blahs.

As for next week - I HATE Georgia Moffett - not because she's dating David Tennant I couldn't care less (but I do think he could do better) but because she was shit in Doctor's Daughter, was very poor in that, and now she's in everything. Do not want.
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