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06 October 2010 @ 10:16 pm
Sleepwalker Part One  
Adam/Tommy fic from the POV of Tommy.

It wasn’t fair.

That’s the only thing Tommy could think as he watched the performer in front of him, gyrating his hips and playing up to his adoring crowd two seconds after he’d grabbed the smaller man and kissed him deeply. Tommy was now focused on the job, playing the rolling riffs of Fever as he tried to keep the pout off his face. It probably wasn’t working – there’d be loads of pictures of him with this eyes scowling at the bass. They might think he was being broody for kicks but it was the opposite.

The rush when Adam decided to stroll over and tease him never got old. In fact it got even more intense, and he might even say worse. Adam effected him in a way Tommy had never thought was possible. Those smokey blue hues pinning him like a hawk eyeing its prey before he stalked over, preparing to dominate… sometimes Tommy tried to avoid his gaze, let him know in his own little way “not tonight”…. But Adam didn’t take those hints. If he wanted to play he’d damn well play and there was nothing Tommy could do even if he just wanted to be left alone.

And then, those nights when Tommy secretly wanted it, Adam did nothing at all.

From the first unexpected kiss, Tommy had been hooked. He was Lambert’s property. Adam might as well have it stamped on his ass for all the good it did him Like a good sport Tommy had laughed off the AMA’s. He’d played up in the videos. He’d started getting cheeky on stage and then he’d fallen in to those eyes. Touring was different, they were shoved together all the time, ate, drank, laughed, cried together. Felt tired together, were grumpy and then pepped up by each other. Adam was a combination of the best woman he’d ever known and the best man. The best human fucking being. And whilst he knew Adam was fond of him, Tommy also knew with a constant ache that he wasn’t interested.

“He’s straight!” Adam kept laughing in interviews. To the whole world Tommy WAS straight (apart from the shippers he knew existed on the internet. He found himself reading fiction about himself, the more graphic the better…). Hell he’d been doing women all his life, but now he was just confused. Why was he so damn hooked on the six foot glamorella that was now strutting around the stage before a horde of screaming fans?

The second the set was over Tommy exited the stage leaving Adam to his final flourishing bow. He was too hot. Sweat was making his eyeliner smudge down his face. He heard a few voices calling his name but they weren’t the ones he wanted. As petty as it might have sounded he needed to get out of here and be quiet.

“Where have you been hiding?”

Quiet turned out to be a term with a limited meaning. Ten minutes after Tommy had managed to retreat to the tour bus he’d been found by the man he’d been hoping would give him a few moments alone. Lying back on his bunk, earphones in with Marilyn Manson beats ringing out, when Adam didn’t get a response from the peroxide blonde he dropped onto the bed, tugging the earphones out of his friend’s ears with a grin.

“Feeling solitary?” he beamed, with that smile Tommy found hard to hate.

“Just tired.” He wasn’t a man of many words right now and Adam noticed the change. His Tommy was usually so upbeat and bouncy after a show, revelling in the energy but he seemed so down and it was more than a cause for concern.

With a pout Adam started playing with the headphones, wrapping them around his decorated fingers. “It’s been a long few months,” he agreed softly, concerned that something serious was up. He liked to feel that his friends could come to him with anything but Tommy was dealing on his own. Maybe it was personal shit? Something Tommy felt really uncomfortable with discussing. Still, Adam found it uncomfortable that the man he usually shared everything with was now clamming up on him.

Noting that Adam wasn’t moving off or taking his silence as an answer Tommy switched off his Ipod and glared at it, quietly. Impatient, Adam prompted him.

“What’sup, Tommy?”

It was meant light-heartedly but Tommy knew the look behind those eyes. It was worry. And Tommy hated that he’d caused it but…

“Nothin’. Missing home. Just need a good night’s sleep…” Lies all lies and Adam would know it. He was like an x-ray machine sometimes, seeing into people’s very souls.

“You sure?” And there it was. The doubt. The only response to Adam’s question was a sullen nod. Disappointed Adam nodded his own understanding. “Ok. Well you know you can talk to me right?” Another nod from Tommy, leaving Adam to end the conversation. “Feel better.” A ruffle of the hair and a grin was awarded to Tommy to try and boost his mood and the smaller man did actually manage a brief smile before the rest of the band boarded the bus and proved a suitable distraction.

Tommy didn’t sleep. He couldn’t not after tonight and it was giving him a headache. Everything was giving him a headache nowadays – he fiddled with his iphone, scrolling down web pages, twitter, streaming videos (on low volume) – but they only served to take his mind off slightly. Frustrated, Tommy threw the phone to the end of the bed and eventually leant up. Everyone was sleeping. The driver was busy navigating the midnight roads to their next destination. This was ridiculous. He was losing sleep over such a stupid, stupid thing. It was effecting his performances, effecting his friendships. If he let it carry on he’d drive himself crazy without Adam’s help. Something had to give and it had to give right now.

Acting on impulse Tommy shoved himself out of bed. He stood a moment to observe the quiet before making his way to the back of the bus where Adam was sleeping in the larger, comfier quarters.

He could hear the soft breaths of Adam over the hum of the bus as it rocked the residents to sleep – the guy was snuggled in to his covers, hands cuddling the pillow his head rested against whilst his legs were spread across the bed as if he were mid-Charlston. Tommy found himself smiling inanely as he took a few moments to watch.

Walking over to him before he lost his nerve the smaller man peeled open the covers and slid inside the makeshift bed, hoping that Adam would notice so he wouldn’t look stupid in the morning, the singer awaking bright and early only to find his bassist snoring beside him… It was warm, much warmer than Tommy had anticipated though he should have really suspected Adam was a human radiator.

Right on cue those smokey blue eyes fluttered open at the presence of another in his bed; as soon as it registered in his head Adam raised up a little, blinking in confusion. Tommy looked like a rabbit in the headlights but he forced himself to relax, appear like it was normal routine. “Wa’sup…?” Adam finally croaked, sleep in his lashes. Tommy took a chance and sidled closer.

“Nothing I – can you just hold me? Please?” he didn’t want to get in to details but he hoped to whatever the hell was out there that Adam didn’t ask questions. His luck was in as, though his brow creased slightly, Adam nodded and opened his arms wordlessly, accepting Tommy into a comforting embrace. The moment Tommy pressed against him he breathed in his scent but passed it off as a sigh of relief. He was, in a way. It had taken months to get the courage to do this and he knew despite Adam’s open nature that he would be slightly puzzled and find it a little odd that he was asking to be cuddled in the middle of the night. Tommy was a nice, affectionate guy but he still liked his space. This was a little out of character and if Adam had been more awake he might have asked more questions.

Tommy was content for the first time in weeks. The way Adam’s chest rose and fell beneath his arms was so – there were no words. Adam could tell, even without anything being said, that his friend was in a lot better mood than he had been lately. An unknown amount of time passed in silence where both thought the other had fallen back asleep.. It wasn’t until the bus went over a bump making Tommy grumble and retreat further into the bed that Adam knew he was still conscious.

“You’re cold,” he muttered glancing down. Tommy’s feet were freezing and pressing against Adam’s cozy legs. Damn him being short! Putting on his grumpy face Adam made to move away. “Get bed socks or something...”

“But you’re warm…” Tommy smirked. It was true. He was more like himself for the first time in ages. Just to be difficult he snuggled up more, wrapping his freezing limbs around the other man. The way Adam mithered was too cute but Tommy wasn’t about to accept this mini protest. “Share the heat… c’mon…!”

Between the tired laughter and Adam trying to escape Tommy managed to secure himself onto the singer like a koala bear on a tree. “I share my heat every night with a hundred people, give a guy a break!” he joked but there was suddenly a look in Tommy’s eyes he hadn’t seen before.

“You didn’t share it with me tonight…” There was something in the way he said it that made Adam go on alert and Tommy noticed. Even in his drowsy state Adam could tell there was something up. As Tommy inwardly screamed at how stupid he sounded he noticed the surprise on Adam’s face. Holy fuck what the hell was he saying? Oh god. He’d screwed up. The last thing he’d wanted was to get into this conversation but he didn’t even think he could form words right now. Time to laugh it off as nothing …but he really couldn’t do it. He was being x-rayed once again, a faint frown on the other man’s face watching his every reaction as the blonde remained still. There was a hidden disappointment – or not so hidden if you happened to be read by Adam Lambert – on Tommy’s face but now it was joined by fear of his stupidity. Adam could take it as a joke or a tease but it was obvious to him what the real cause was.

“Oh…” That one simple word summed up everything. The weeks, months, of Tommy admiring Adam from afar culminating this moment where Adam realised just how blind he’d been. He felt guilty for not noticing sooner, but then how was he supposed to know? Unless Tommy had been dropping hints and he’d been too damn dumb to realise. Judging by the heartbeat pounding in Tommy’s chest which was now pressed against Adam’s own, Mr Lambert was on to something. Feeling slightly awkward he began to speak. “I’m sor…”

He wasn’t able to complete the sentence. Throwing caution to the wind Tommy smashed his mouth against Adam’s in a desperate kiss that took both of them by surprise. Adam almost didn’t have time to respond but it was after a few seconds that the warmth of the other man’s lips fed threw to his own and he began to respond, moving in time with Tommy’s.

The blonde was in heaven right now but he couldn’t fully enjoy it. He was expecting Adam to pull away at any second, to shove him back and ask him the fuck he was doing but that didn’t happen. Encouraged by the absence of any defensive action, Tommy found himself pressing forward with his arms tugging the taller man tighter against him. Adam was such a good kisser… such an incredible, wonderful kisser. It was the longest they’d ever done this and it got better with every single second, so much so that Tommy’s brain stopped functioning. All he was aware of was heat, the touch of Adam’s hands against his back stroking up to his neck and cheek, the way they easily melted together, the hot breaths battling together from their noses as their tongues started delving into each other’s mouths…

Though they started off tired, sleepy and subdued they were suddenly wide awake. Tommy’s momentary courage had paid off; if he’d not forced himself out of his bed and into Adam’s he may have never had the push to actually go through with this. Adam started moving, inclining his body so that they were no longer lying together – Tommy was being moved beneath him, the weight of Adam’s torso pressing down so that he had no choice but to follow his lead. Maybe Adam would regret this later, maybe there would be a change between them but Tommy couldn’t give a rat’s ass.


Huh. Adam was speaking without using his mouth. As if the guy wasn’t already multitalented. They continued to kiss but again his name was spoken, this time a little louder…


Shit. Was Adam a mind reader? A telepath? Tommy felt a thrill up his spine until he he felt a foreign hand gently press against his shoulder.


Tommy opened his eyes to sunlight, last night’s make-up making lashes stick together at the corners. Confused and with a funny feeling in his gut, Tommy rolled over onto his back. A dry patch of drool was on his chin and he wiped at it blearily. The smiling face of the man he had been kissing just moments ago was almost as bright as the day outside.

“Morning sunshine,” he whispered softly, the smell of his freshly showered body Tommy’s nostrils. “Got a big day ahead of us, let’s go…”

The blonde sat up, Adam’s bed sheets falling from around his body. Blinking in confusion Tommy looked around at his surroundings – Adam’s ‘bit’ of the bus. He was still here. So what the fuck had happened? Had he crept in and fallen asleep in Adam’s arms, dreamt of being kissed? Had he fallen asleep kissing? What? Adam seemed to answer that question for him as Tommy shifted to get up.

“Ooh… “ he grinned, glancing down at Tommy’s form with a very wicked grin and dirty look, “seems like someone had good dreams…”

Tommy dropped his gaze only to see a large rise in his boxers. Clearing his throat he tried to shift so that his dignity was preserved but Adam was already cackling and moving out of his room.

“Sort yourself out, glitter baby!”

The blonde was left to watch the taller man swagger out of the room with a dirty laugh, rejoining the other members of the touring Glamily who were awaiting him. As soon as he was out of earshot Tommy gave an almighty groan, threw his hands up over his face, and flopped back down on the bed.

Why the fuck had he woken up today?


Check back for part two including Neil, Taylor and Tommy/Adam longing.
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marieway: hugmarieway on October 6th, 2010 09:36 pm (UTC)
Oh my god oh my god oh my god. I love you, do you know that?
laksdjflkajkljlkdajf <333 this is so freaking perfect.
I love your Tommy.
And your Adam makes so much sense, and gahhh I can't freaking wait for part 2.

You amazing thing, you. <333
chuckles: ami. Adam Rowrpiratemuse on October 6th, 2010 09:38 pm (UTC)
EEEEEEEE I'm so happy ^_^ SO GLAD you liked it!
now add me, wench